A View From The Bridge Essay Act 1

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Beatrice thinks Rodolpho is a nice young man and warns Eddie not to "start nothin'." She has other things on her mind, demanding to know when she will "be a wife again." Answering evasively, Eddie claims he hasn't felt well.

Louis and Mike stop to speak to Eddie, mentioning his two "submarines." They comment on Rodolpho's mannerisms and how he makes everyone laugh.

Beatrice speaks with Catherine privately, explaining that Eddie is treating her like a child because she behaves like one: going around the house in her slip or speaking to Eddie in the bathroom while he shaves in his underwear.

Beatrice then comes to her main point: Eddie has even accused her of being jealous of Catherine.

Men like Marco, with the pressures of families to feed, could not find work at home and were forced either to emigrate to the industrial areas of northern Italy or to seek employment abroad.

As the audience learned in the first part of Act 1, Marco and Rodolpho are hardly the first Italian relatives to come to Red Hook illegally and be sheltered by extended families, although as the cautionary tale of Vinny shows, the threat of exposure is real.Alfieri introduces the idea of fate in this portion of Act 1 by announcing a troubled destiny awaits Eddie.Fate is the idea that a person's end is already determined.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.A View from the Bridge is a play set in Brooklyn in the 1950s and was written by Arthur Miller.When Beatrice tells Catherine in no uncertain terms to act like a grown woman living with another woman's husband now, the realization shocks Catherine.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.Given Eddie's behavior toward Catherine and his attitude toward Rodolpho, his destiny will likely involve trouble with these characters.In any case, the announcement casts a pall over the remaining action and also reinforces the sense of destiny lying ahead for the main character.In this case, Eddie is on a path to doom, and nothing he, Alfieri, or anyone else may do will alter that end.The narrator's announcement creates suspense, as the audience is left to wonder what trouble lies ahead for Eddie.


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