Abortion Effects Women Essay

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Buzz Feed News spoke with Laia Abril on her research and her upcoming book, On Abortion: And the Repercussions of Lack of Access.

Warning: Some of the images and text portray crude, ineffective, illegal, and dangerous methods of preventing or terminating pregnancies.

Laia Abril is a multiplatform artist whose work examines the deeply personal and, at times, controversial topics of womanhood and reproductive rights.

For Abril, bringing to light stories that are often hidden or misunderstood is about shifting the narrative toward an open conversation on the experiences of women around the world and throughout history.

In February 2015, a 19-year-old pregnant woman ingested abortive pills in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil.

She started feeling abdominal pains, so her aunt took her to hospital.Due to the lack of alternatives, women forced to apply this dangerous method for termination face serious physical injury or even death.Taking a scalding bath seems to be a widespread method that has persisted for generations.By "lack of access," I do not simply mean a matter of laws, but also free and safe access that is free of judgment.When all these issues are not in order, more than 47,000 women die every year and thousands remain with physical and/or emotional consequences.In places where abortions are illegal, pregnant women tend to ignore their condition for as long as possible, thereby wasting valuable time.Illegal abortions are, on average, performed at some point in the second trimester.At that point, an instrument must be inserted through the cervix to puncture the amniotic sac.This induces labor, and can result in the embryo's expulsion.These methods may be potentially life threatening and can cause pain, permanent injury, hemorrhage, and death.For information about safe abortions, consult a health care provider or check out this information from the World Health Organization.


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