Active Reading Skills Reading And Critical Thinking In College

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Some of the various purposes for reading include: How you read should be determined in part by what you read.

Reflective readers read a textbook, for example, using a different mindset than they use when reading an article in a newspaper.

Considering the Author’s Purpose In addition to being clear about our own purpose in reading, we must also be clear about the author’s purpose in writing. For example, if you read a historical novel to learn history, you would do well to read further in history books and primary sources before you conclude that what you read in the historical novel was accurate.

Where fact and imagination are blended to achieve a novelist’s purpose, fact and imagination must be separated to achieve the reader’s pursuit of historical fact.

In this and the next few articles we focus on some of the fundamentals of close reading.

We explain what it means to think through a text using theory of close reading at the core of the reading process.

To do this, we must learn how to read books for their core ideas and for their system-defining function.

Mastering any set of foundational ideas makes it easier to learn other foundational ideas.

Moreover, when we gain an initial understanding of the primary ideas, we can begin to think within the system as a whole.

The sooner we begin to think within a system, the sooner the system becomes meaningful to us.


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