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To begin with, using mobile phones is one of popular methods for people to communicate, relax and do business.By using call or video phone, text message, we are able to keep in touch together despite a long distance.Trains do not offer the same flexibility, but they certainly have various other advantages.

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Strangely enough, it did not happen for a long time that I caught myself thinking that I was strangely curious to observe what other travel fellows were doing.

I realized I wanted to strike a conversation with a perfect stranger about the places our train passed.

The European trains offer a great variety of travel options.

Who of us can forget those feelings of anticipation, child-like enthusiasm and excitement as we stepped onto a train; the parents put away our luggage, dad taking out his newspaper, mom keeping busy with some knitting?

Furthermore, some Office applications for mobile phones, for example, Miccrosoft Office are helping employees do their business more effectively.

Although it is true that people are now getting a number of advantages from mobiles, these communication technologies also have several negative impacts.That sensation of sucking in the life around you, like a sponge, is more worthwhile than earning a million dollars.It’s as if the mind enters a state of appreciative meditation.Being an adult now, I wonder whether we have lost our passion for life, for the beauty of nature. The wisdom and inspiration of the moment hit me straight into the head.Why do we think small mundane things are not worthy of our attention? That very moment I put down the book I was reading, and focused my attention on everything around me.Sitting on a train on a sunny morning and reading a book, I came across Paulo Coelho’s quote which read as 'many times the wrong train took me to the right place'.I suppressed the binge to check out my ticket, whether I had boarded the right train and started wondering what I would find at my final destination, which might just turn out to be that magic right place. Would I enjoy the journey more than the actual fact of getting there? Like many other train passengers, I dived into my book and became totally focused on my reading.Her black hair was tied back with a green ribbon, her arms wrapped around the train railing next to her seat, her soulful eyes taking in everything around her.The image reminded me of the wondrous feeling I got as a child when my parents took us on vacation by railroad. They are dramatically changing the way people contact to each other. In recent years, the world has witnessed a booming number of mobile phones.


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