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While the Ao PS are phenomenal books and should be used instead of the terrible books used in middle and high schools today, I think you may want to look elsewhere if your primary interest for mathematics is to cover engineering mathematics.The topics covered in these textbooks are mostly at a middle to high school level of mathematics.Read about the Well-Trained Mind Academy approach to Art of Problem Solving here.

He graduated first in his major, top 5 in his class, with a BSE from Princeton University in 1993. Ao PS marks Richard's return to his vocation - educating motivated students.

Richard helped inaugurate ESPN's Sports Figures program, and worked as a bond trader for D.

The discovery approach wouldn't work unless it were masterfully crafted, and indeed, the sequence of problems is no less than brilliant.

Use this with your brightest math students and watch their faces light up!

As you know, Art of Problem Solving includes 11 books that comes with their solutions and they are Pre Algebra, Introduction to Algebra, Introduction to Counting and Probability, Introduction to Geometry, Introduction to Number Theory, Intermediate Algebra, Intermediate Counting and Probability, Precalculus, Calculus, Problem Solving Volume 1: The Basics, Problem Solving Volume 2: And Beyond I desperately need to raise my mathematics skills to the highest level possible.

I have heard good reputation from Art of Problem Solving.

Many people said it provides in-depth and thorough analysis of mathematics which is exactly I’m searching for a long time. And does it fully covers engineering mathematics topics at university level?

I am considering ordering all of these books with their solutions and have it shipped to my country (I am in Egypt outside of US) .

This is the best high school geometry curriculum I've ever come across, and one of the only ones designed specifically for gifted math students.

Topics are introduced using a discovery approach - a problem is posed for the student to attempt on his or her own. In the process, theorems are discovered, which are then immediately used in solving the next problem(s), and so on.


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