Assigned Parking Spaces

Increasingly, though, people not only feel they have a right to free parking, but also a right to exclude others from parking on a public street in front of their house or apartment.

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After five days, a car can be towed if it reasonably appears to a police officer that the car’s owner does not intend to return and move the car.

[1]While the law may have good intentions, it seems to have been written by someone who has never lived in a place with no assigned parking spots.

Since parking is becoming scarce and people view convenient parking as a fundamental right, anger is increasingly prevalent in many urban neighborhoods.

It’s important to remember that a homeowner or tenant does not own the public parking spot on the street in front of their house and they have no legal right to park directly in front of their building.

Like other resources, parking is often regulated to maximize the number of people who can use it.

Placing time limits or fees on parking in business areas encourages turnover, which allows more people to participate in the market.

Whether we like it or not, Atlanta is currently an auto-dependent city and car ownership is a requisite for many activities, including going to work or visiting friends.

As transportation options increase, permit parking should also increase.

As metro areas become denser and as cities eliminate minimum parking requirements, a lack of parking has developed.

This could be alleviated by increasing transit options, but we are decades behind in transit funding.


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