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Offline Activities and Learning Catalytics sessions can't be added to the calendar.

Offline Activities and Learning Catalytics sessions can't be added to the calendar.

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For details, point to an assignment on the calendar to display the information described below.

For specialized assignments, the same data is displayed, with minor differences: Adaptive Follow-Up assignment: Availability dates begin when the Parent assignment is complete or the due date/time passes, and the category is always Adaptive.

Are you a person that likes to keep track of your time and the events in your life? In either case, Blackboard has a calendar tool that you can use to record important dates such as homework due dates, sports events, and project deadlines.

Your instructor may also use Blackboard’s calendar to help remind everyone about class meeting times, quiz and exam dates, and office hours.

If the Follow-Up due date falls on a weekend day or holiday, you may need to reschedule the Parent assignment.

From the actions menu in the assignments list, select Delete Assignment.

You can select the title either from the assignment list (left) or from the assignment's due date on the calendar.

For tasks you can do on the Overview page, see Overview for an assignment, Overview for an Adaptive Follow-Up, and Overview for a Dynamic Study Module assignment.

For considerations about availability dates, see Make an assignment available to students.

Standard Mastering assignments ( Homework, Quiz, and Test categories), Adaptive Follow-Up assignments, and Dynamic Study Module assignments appear on the Mastering calendar.


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