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(Here is Fraser's announcement of the partnership.) The move has been facilitated by the Institute’s Executive Vice-President Jason Clemens.EJW is proud indeed to have a partner in the Fraser Institute, and very grateful.

To rectify the problem, we need to investigate the two universities that have been mistakenly left out of our analysis, which covered 40 universities.

Although our subscription to Aristotle had expired, Aristotle has generously restored to us temporary access, to rectify the problem.

published an article titled “Farley Grubb’s Noisy Evasions on Colonial Money.” Professor Grubb has lately shared with us his sentiments about that title.

EJW is edited so as to allow boisterous give and take (particularly when issuing from commented-on authors), but we at EJW now feel, sincerely, that that title was overly derisive, and that it was unprofessional on our part.

EJW will be ever grateful to Atlas for the tremendous help and friendship given to the project.

We thank also Atlas friends (present and past) Harry Kalsted and Jim Cardillo.In addition, we propose to focus attention on the incentives that distort prudent behavior in unsustainable-often immoral-ways through the works of Nobel Laureate Vernon Smith, Johan Norberg, and other noted scholars.Such essays, books, and videos will raise awareness of the issues among public intellectuals and direct youth to our 2011 -Morality and Free Competition- essay contests, which will be tied to Freedom Schools around the world. The program will be complemented by a pilot program to build local business associations dedicated to understanding the morality of free competition and the dignity of commerce.Professor Deaton was awarded the Nobel prize in economics in 2015 for his analysis of consumption, poverty, and welfare.Two sessions held today in Washington at the annual meeting of the Southern Economic Association were devoted to author presentations of articles from the EJW symposium “Classical Liberalism in Econ, by Country.” Morning session: Hugo J.We apologize to Farley Grubb for that title, and we are grateful to him for having communicated with his thoughts on the matter.EJW is proud to announce that Sir Angus Deaton of Princeton University has joined the EJW Advisory Council.- Atlas's Portuguese project, Ordem, already translated those essays, added more by leading Brazilian intellectuals, and disseminated them to over 10,000 Web visitors.We propose to also reproduce that project in other languages.We are proceeding now and will report back on the findings; look for a notice here at EJW News.We are grateful to Sean for catching our error and bringing it to our attention!


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