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As a consequence, females can be just as sexist as men.

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Feminist change has already touched all our lives in a positive way.

And yet we lose sight of the positive when all we hear about feminism is negative.

When I began to resist male domination, to rebel against patriarchal thinking (and to oppose the strongest patriarchal voice in my life — my mother’s voice), I was still a teenager, suicidal, depressed, uncertain about how I would find meaning in my life and a place for myself.

I needed feminism to give me a foundation of equality and justice to stand on. She sees me and all her daughters (we are six) living better lives because of feminist politics.

I had to write it because I kept waiting for it to appear, and it did not.

And without it there was no way to address the hordes of people in this nation who are daily bombarded with anti-feminist backlash, who are being told to hate and resist a movement that they know very little about.I want to be holding in my hand a concise, fairly easy to read and understand book; not a long book, not a book thick with hard to understand jargon and academic language, but a straightforward, clear book — easy to read without being simplistic.From the moment feminist thinking, politics, and practice changed my life, I have wanted this book.I assure them I am as a real and as radical a feminist as one can be, and if they dare to come closer to feminism they will see it is not how they have imagined it.Each time I leave one of these encounters, I want to have in my hand a little book so that I can say, read this book, and it will tell you what feminism is, what the movement is about.But feminist theory — that’s the place where the questions stop.In- stead I tend to hear all about the evil of feminism and the bad feminists: how “they” hate men; how “they” want to go against nature — and god; how “they” are all lesbians; how “they” are taking all the jobs and making the world hard for white men, who do not stand a chance.She sees the promise and hope in feminist movement.It is that promise and hope that I want to share with you in this book, with everybody.I tell them I write about movies and popular culture, analysing the message in the medium.Most people find this exciting and want to know more.


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