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What smells, sounds, and sensations do you associate with the season?

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Write a lyric essay composed of reflections on each of these items and how they are connected to your personal creative intentions or beliefs.

Earlier this month, Seamus Blackley, a physicist and the cocreator of the Xbox, baked a loaf of sourdough bread using yeast extracted from 4,500-year-old Egyptian ceramic vessels with the help of an Egyptologist and microbiologist at Harvard.

This week, write a poem you can imagine reciting to a new romantic prospect or lover, one that doesn’t necessarily dwell on traditional images or vocabulary of seduction but strives for a subtle sense of hope and urgency.

What kind of language do you use to invoke an immediate intimacy?

Does the incongruity offer a different perspective of the space?

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Are the new features considered a disruption or are they welcomed? At Station Nord, a Danish military outpost and research facility located in Greenland just over five hundred miles from the North Pole, only six people and two dogs live there year-round.

Last month, researchers released data that tracked an arctic fox that had made a trek of over two thousand miles across the frozen Arctic Ocean from Norway to Canada over the course of seventy-six days, most likely prompted by a search for food or a new habitat.

Write a personal essay about a time that you traveled a long way—traversing a great physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual distance—to achieve something that was of utmost importance to you. How did the trials of the journey compare with the end result?

For this week’s prompt, write a story that takes place in a chain store that has outlived its glory days.

Who are the regulars that frequent this space and what ties them together?


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