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But I don’t need your approval for my peanut butter money. Uncomfortable truths that most writing teachers can’t tell you out loud: If you can absorb these truths, you will be far ahead of nearly every writing student at the college level, EVEN IF YOU DECIDE NOT TO PURSUE WRITING.I have heard it said that a Master’s in Fine Arts in creative writing, while expensive, is worth every penny if all it does is teach you that you don’t actually want to be a writer.We also encourage busy or peripatetic students to move back and forth between online and New York City or branch workshops if that helps them stay connected to their work.

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I think some teachers (and also class formats) might work better for you than others, but there is no way for you to know that beforehand.

To answer your question, I don’t believe there is a best online creative writing class for teens.

You can look for prestigious or widely advertised schools, but that is no guarantee they are right for you. Some people have some talent at teaching, and some become good or great through hard work and practice.

You can look for teachers who are famous, or whose writing you like, but sometimes the best writers make terrible teachers, and the best teachers are only middling writers. Others haven’t had the experience, don’t care enough to work hard at it, or just lack the basic underlying skills to be a decent teacher.

My experience with The Writers Studio shows that writers—wherever they live— can benefit from the New York studio training and be part of an international community of writers.

The teacher’s comments on the first exercise helped me tremendously with rewrites.

Often students who feel shy about jumping into an on-site class thrive in the online environment — after all, what could make more sense than a writing class in which students and teacher know each other strictly through their words?

Online teachers post weekly exercises in our online classroom, with a regular weekly due date for students to submit their work as well as several peer critiques.


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