Black Belt Testing Essay

I keep one of your guest passes in my wallet and haven given several to interested friends and coworkers.

Enter Massimo Bernardele, born and raised in Italy, he served in the Italian Army, traveled the world a bit, and eventually landed in Massachusetts.

Perhaps like most parents, I wanted to stack the deck to make it easier for my child to succeed.

My daughter did not want to change studios, so we persisted.

Of course, at each rank exam, Sensei Jon gave him corrections and asked for updates and improvements when necessary.

In a little under two years, he took his black belt exam, which was several hours long.

She has been training in Karate (technically Hapkido Blend) for the past six years, and today was her exam to qualify to become a candidate to test for her black belt six months from now.

The exam was seven and a half hours long of physical exercise, started at AM on a Sunday, and is one of five such exams she’ll have to take before earning her black belt.

I refuse to judge anyone’s black belt (far be it for me) and do not intend to belittle anyone’s accomplishment.

Each person will choose the path that is right for them, and every black belt comes with a commendable degree of commitment.


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