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Read more The setting of The Color Purple by Alice Walker is in Georgia sometime between 19. Read more In "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker, the tone, at the beginning of the book, is very confessional and uninhibited.

The four main characters of The Color Purple are Celie, Mr. Therefore, it illustrates Celie's state of mine as very passive. Read more Alice Walker's use of characterization in her novel The Color Purple depicts her main theme of female empowerment and the importance of maintaining an assertive voice. Read more The Color Purple Book Notes is a free study guide on The Color Purple by Alice Walker.

Read more According to the Swiss psychologist, Karl Jung, we are all part of a collective unconscious.

This means that we all fit into some archetypal pattern that describes our experiences and the experienc...

Celie lives a painful life where she is abused by her stepfather and her own husband.

The color purple was chosen by Alice Walker because pur...Read more [This entry was updated by Donna Haisty Winchell (Clemson University) from her entry in DLB 143: American Novelists Since World War II, Third Series, pp. Read more Biography Essay Since 1968 when Once, her first work, was published, Alice Walker has sought to bring closer that day for which her maternal ancestors waited-"a day when the unknown thing that was in ...Read more Best known for her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Color Purple, as well as for its adaptation as a motion picture by Steven Spielberg, Alice Walker has become a totem for black feminism, what she c... It didn't take long to realize I didn't hardly know nothing... Read more The Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Color Purple, is a book criticized for its immoral issues, such as incest, rape, and physical abuse.This book shows how she changed into a miraculous woman who stands up for what sh...Read more The color purple represents many subjects in this novel.The main character Celie, with the help of others, l...Read more All three texts I have selected, "The Color Purple", an extract from a girls notebook, and a scene from "Finding Forrester" express the idea that discovery and self knowledge are inseparably part of a...Read more "The Colour Purple" is a novel about womanism, slavery, racism and abuse.It was written by Alice Walker who based this novel on her own experiences.She received the Pulitzer for her novel "The Colo...Read more The Color Purple, a novel by Alice Walker is an accurate description of the life of a black female in racist rural Georgia during the mid 1900's.


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