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He tried to persuade his audiences to see the stage as a stage, actors as actors and not the traditional make-believe of the theatre.Brecht required detachment, not passion, from the observing audience.

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Things haven’t changed much, at least if it concerns Bertolt Brecht.

The common English translations are “ distancing effect,” “alienation effect,” and, in my opinion, the most accurate and faithful to Brecht’s actual intention, the “estrangement effect.”The technique’s goal is to make the familiar strange, in order to provoke a new insight that triggers a social-critical audience response.

But first things first: German leftist playwright, director, poet, and theorist Bertolt Brecht was arguably one of the most significant figures in the history of twentieth-century art.

Instead of the usual sort of waistcoat, he wore one with long sleeves; the cut of all his suits were baggy and somewhat American, with padded shoulders and wedge-shaped trousers.

Without his monkish face and the hair combed down on his forehead he might have been mistaken for a cross between a German chauffeur and a Russian commissar.”“.


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