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The requirement is that whatever is already been discussed or to what has been agreed to be achieved in a particular project is known as the requirement or the scope of a project.In other words, the requirement specifically lays out the tasks, features, information, content, etc. As it can predict or foresee the final outcome of a project if not exact but near about by the layout of the requirement.Project planning will include crowd management, access operations, easy ticketing, public information services, and lost and found cell and accessibility support services.

Opening ceremony will be a great opportunity for Glasgow to establish a long lasting legacy by the cast of hundreds of volunteer who will make it really thrilling and momentous event & it will be watched by one billion people around the globe.

There will be performance of mass maneuvered dance by cast from whole Scotland.

On the other hand if requirements are added and allotted time has also increased but the resources are not increased then it can also affect quality of a project.

The key objective of this project is not only to fling the tourism & sports to new heights in Glasgow but also to create long lasting & an outstanding image of Glasgow City which provides value for money, amusement, & healthy environment to spectators all around the world.

Beyond economic benefits of hosting this mega event, there will be a momentous time to increase wellbeing of social & cultural diversity of Scotland.

The Commonwealth Games will be a memorable spectator event.Strong communicators are best project managers hence it is vital to maintain better communication level across the whole project management process (Pillai, 2006).In effective project planning communication with stakeholders is also important in the development stages as it is vital to build good relations with the stakeholders who are recognized as being most critical for the end result (Graee, 2007).The main objective of this report is to assess an endorsement of each of the triple constraints of project by the explanations of the importance of managing the cost, managing the requirements and the importance of effectively managing schedule of opening ceremony of games.In this report each of the above elements of triple constraints of project management will be discussed in detail.It will give long lasting impressive Scottish symbol in which both new & diverse dimensions of society will be depicted which is contributing to Commonwealth Games.This exciting event will start with dedication to adults & all athletes & dignitaries & officials who are going to attend.To achieve long term objective of this mega event we have to manage opening ceremony successfully so that Glasgow can position itself in the competitive global market by raising its profile to high echelon.By delivering an unforgettable event for visitors, it can provide economic benefit of £26 million for Glasgow & £81 million for Scotland.Commonwealth Games is an international manifold sports occasion.This sports event is sponsored by an organization called Commonwealth Games Federation after every four years. The twentieth Commonwealth Games is going to be held at Glasgow from 24th July to 3rd August in 2014.


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