Controversial Research Paper Topics For College Students

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If you have a good idea what you’re going to write about… You wouldn’t start out on a road trip without having some idea of where you’re going, would you? Without it, you’re liable to wind up going in the wrong direction and find yourself stumbling around, completely lost.Just like a map..your smartphone GPS...don’t leave home without one.If you’re interested in today’s technological developments, you might consider an argumentative essay about technology: You should try writing an argumentative essay about technology on these following topics. Then play on your personal field of interest by selecting an argumentative essay topic focused on competitive sports: Choose an interesting topic from the list to write a sports argumentative essay.

All of this provides good material for an argumentative essay.

But that doesn’t mean you should write your argumentative essay dealing with those “hot debates.” In fact--while there are all of those arguments raging throughout the world of politics, economics, sociology, and technology--the object of your writing an academic argumentative essay is to produce a paper that wins you the best possible grade.

Once you have that in mind, consider the following list of awesome argumentative essay topics to kickstart your writing journey.

After reading our list don’t be surprised if your mind starts coming up with additional essay topics. For college undergrads, here are our top 5 argumentative essay topics: Humor is difficult to pull off within the context of serious academic writing..when it works, it works wonders!

In fact, we recommend that you keep a notebook or journal handy so you can record these topics for later. If you select an argumentative essay topic that is inherently humorous, be sure to back it up with good writing, logical analysis, and the proper academic writing tone.

If you are facile with the tools of irony and contrast and are able to avoid “on the nose” sarcasm, you’ll be able to convey points of view while amusing your reader by choosing an inherently funny argumentative essay topic like these.If you want to select a different topic than the ones mentioned above, this article will provide guidance on how to choose a topic for your argumentative essay.Today’s world is full of political, technological and economic debates or movements.If you need more topic ideas for your essay, visit our blog to choose from a list of 200 more essay writing topics.You can also ask your teacher for approval if you are not sure which topic is most appropriate.If that’s where your head is at now, maybe you simply need to consider today’s best argumentative essay topics!You can easily get an idea for your desired topic to write on from this list.And it all begins with you--the writer--articulating a point of view or a “claim” that you will either attack or defend through your argumentative essay.Any statement that can be proven by supporting facts and other evidence is an effective claim in an argumentative essay.A typical essay outline usually consists of 5 sections. The difficulty in choosing the best argumentative essay topic often begins with simply finding the right general category of topic.Just look at all the possibilities: ..list goes on. If you’re particularly drawn to one aspect of a general category, focus on that area.


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