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Storymatic is a box of cards that works like an inspiration machine.You use the 360 cards by drawing them at random and trying to form stories from the cards.

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When it comes to writing instruction, the buck stops here.

Writers need a reliable voice recorder during interviews to capture quotes and soundbites.

This is a gift that is useful and handy, and sure to be used if your writer produces magazine copy, profiles, or works for newspapers or websites.

We all face distractions at work, and for a writer, getting lost in social media or the news of the day can break their creative flow.

Writers never stop learning and perfecting their craft, and a master class is a great way to help your literary friend polish their ambitions.

offers gift options for its collection of online courses, each featuring the unique insight of a notable author. Every writer has their own ideal work environment, and noise is a big part of the equation.A wireless typewriter keyboard combines simplicity with technology by allowing the user to connect their tablet to the USB keyboard.The result is old-school satisfaction with a modern-day twist.You never know where the story will go or how these cards will stretch your imagination.These cards can be used solo by a writer working on a new story or as a game for the group.“There is no friend as loyal as a book,” said Ernest Hemingway, except maybe one who gifts them.Many writers believe—aptly so—that reading is a professional necessity, and there’s nothing better than a steady stream of literary inspiration.Book of the Month has delivered books to the doors of readers for more than 90 years, and offers a gift option.A typewriter is a mechanical nostalgia, but when it comes to productivity, using one in today's world isn’t exactly practical.We’ve gathered together some of the best inspirational books for aspiring authors along with fun and creative gifts to help them write and get their stories on the page.These gifts can also help them grow their thinking and problem-solving skills and learn how to express themselves more easily.


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