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I love using an organizer before writing so students can start planning what they want to write about.Planning out our topic, details, and conclusion is the focus of our paragraph planning and jotting those details into a graphic organizer before getting started helps students organize their thoughts.

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The goal is to push students to accomplish complex and challenging writing tasks, giving them just enough support to aid achievement of proximal goals.

Though Vygotsky (1978) did not use the term, calls for an extensive use of scaffolding to take a student from the point at which he/she can solve problems and use cognitive tools independently to a level of problem solving and thinking that he/she can do only with the help of a more knowledgeable other, who can be either teacher or more experienced peer—or both.

Standardized writing tests focus more on content than mechanics, but writing instruction typically focuses more on mechanics than content.

With plot scaffolds, you can fix the balance and help foster creativity and originality in your students' writing.

When it came time to take the next step into writing paragraphs, I found this was even harder for my students.

In the beginning of my career, we worked HARD on writing sentences.Sure, prior to this, they were giving me information about a topic, but writing a paragraph is a whole new beast. I decided the best way to teach this to my students is to use a cut and paste format so they could learn the format while composing a piece of writing. Fill in the blank Believe it or not, often times my students will take it upon themselves to graduate to the next level of paragraph writing and start writing their details into the blanks in their cut and paste journals, but occasionally I find a resistant student, so I will use a paragraph frame in their journal.Using a frame gets my students to start becoming responsible for their writing. Once we’re fluently filling in the blanks in a paragraph, it’s time to take off those training wheels and get our students writing.A colourful picture that most children will identify with - the task, to write a description of the flavours, textures and feelings created when visiting a fun fair.This is aimed at supporting writing at mid to upper KS2 and is to be used as a scaffold for children to add their own adjectives, verbs and adverbs to.The primary aim here is to develop a breadth of writing using our senses as a focus tool.Please leave feedback and look at my other resources.They fill in the frames with the topic, add 3 details, and add a conclusion to the end of their paragraph. Providing a topic and some lines is all my students need to get writing! I’ll start out using the paragraph format we are familiar with and start expanding our writing by introducing new transition words or adding some more variety to our introduction and conclusion sentences. There are a few added supports I like to use in the classroom.These help provide my students with some vocabulary that may be tricky for them or it helps them plan out their writing before putting it on paper.We were able to write 2-3 sentences about a topic or picture, but organizing our thoughts and giving evidence was hard stuff.Early on, I found that teaching my students to use a paragraph frame was essential to them learning how to write a paragraph.


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