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You might end up writing a few sentences, a few paragraphs, even a few pages.

This year, about 20,000 people applied to study creative writing at MFA programs in the U. It’s a funny fact to consider, given that the idea creativity could be taught used to be widely mocked—the literary scholar John Aldridge once said the programs produced “clonal fabrications of writers.” For a time, MFA programs were oddities on college campuses: In 1975, only 52 existed. Today, there are more than 350 creative writing programs in the U. alone, and that number doubles if you include undergraduate degree programs.

For instance, if you're observing the way people engage in conversation, take note not only of the dialogue, but also of the silences, of the interruptions and of the speakers' unconscious habits like pushing up their glasses, adjusting the collar of their T-shirt or tapping their foot against the carpet.

Ask yourself those habits are emerging in the first place. Are they scared of the other person's reaction to a particular piece of news?

Let's say that you're writing about a bushfire approaching from the distance.

You may initially choose to illustrate the way the fire rapidly gains speed, leaping from tree to tree, an angry flame that cannot be tamed.This exercise gives you the opportunity to turn something mundane into something totally and utterly original.For instance, you may decide to write about the blinds by your desk.Was it the summer of heartbreak, angst, rebellion, disappointment, or sorrow? How did your emotions manifest themselves in your interactions with others? How did that one pivotal summer make you grow and change?", then it'll more likely exude a profound sense of realism and empathy – one that will resonate and connect with readers more powerfully.The more you write, the more you will grow conscious of your own writing style and thus be able to improve upon it. Time to turn on your mind and let your creative juices run free.Blogger Leo Babauta presents a range of tips on how you can write daily. What does this say about their relationship with one another?As writer Annie Evett argues in her article on observational writing, something.Don't be afraid to experiment and to test the limits of what you think you are capable of writing.Take Kurt Vonnegut's 8 tips on how to write a good short story, for instance.


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