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This so-called “Lennie standard” essentially holds that a criminal of diminished intellectual abilities who is perceived to be smarter than Lennie (who is a fictional character, remember) should be eligible to receive the death penalty, while an individual who is less intellectually capable than Lennie should not.This standard made headlines last month when the state of Texas executed Marvin Wilson, who reportedly had the lowest recorded IQ of any person executed in the state’s history. These high-profile fights form a convenient narrative about how American courts have historically reaffirmed the First Amendment rights of individual artists.

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It’s a tragedy about how even the simplest dream can provide hope in the face of desperation.

It’s a tragedy in which the bond between two men is so strong that it leads George to the impossibly difficult and ultimately loving act of sparing Lennie a violent and painful execution at the hands of men who despise him.

But one look at the American Library Association’s list of the most frequently challenged and banned books could take the gloss off that optimistic view of American openness.

Since the ALA list deals most specifically with school and library challenges and bans rather than with broad legal cases, it tells the often-overlooked story of what censorship looks like at the community level.

While some of the complaints about the novel—particularly those about the book’s inclusion of racial slurs—certainly merit evaluation, it’s hard to shake the feeling that there’s a more fundamental reason that the book has repeatedly raised hackles.

It is, after all, a work in which two men, who are not blood relatives, are deeply bonded.

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