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However, for recent grads or those with little work experience a Success Story can be taken from other events in your life such as school clubs, athletic teams, volunteer work etc…The point is it must highlight the quality they are looking for.How you have “behaved” in certain situations in the past will give them clues on how you’ll behave in those same situations when working for them in the future.

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If you prepare a success story to cover each these 5 categories then you will be covering your bases pretty well and be saving yourself a lot of time in preparation.

You just need to be able tweak your success story to whatever question comes down the pipe.

An example of a behavioral question that is looking for you to demonstrate leadership qualities could be: “Tell me about a time when you took the lead on a difficult project?

” So that begs the question, how can you demonstrate to the hiring manager that you can be a great leader?

Take a look at my answer: A few years back I was working as a Service Advisor at car dealership.

One morning in our department staff meeting the Service Manager announced that we had been receiving an unacceptable amount of negative reviews for the service we had been providing our customers.I then lead brainstorming situations with my team to find a solution.This solution was a change in workflow for mechanics.Can you see how these questions are all trying to find out how you behaved in the past in order to predict how you will behave in the future?So now that you know that you have to use success stories and you have an idea of what a behavioral question looks like, how the heck to you actually answer them?? method (which is why behavioral interview questions are often referred to as STAR Interview Questions).For example, let’s go back to our leadership question: In order to answer this well you obviously need to relate a success story from your past that shows you demonstrating leadership qualities.The key is, you need to be prepared with your success story BEFORE you find yourself sitting on the hot seat faced with this question.For example, here’s another example (from my past) of a good success story that can be used when answering a problem solving type behavior based question.In this case, I was working for a pro sports team as a Season Ticket Sales Representative: "Facing low sales numbers for full season ticket packages and the possibility of many empty seats for the upcoming season, I developed, created and spearheaded the implementation of a new sales strategy, which allowed for the sale of smaller “game packs” as opposed to only “full season” ticket packages.I know what you’re thinking: Don’t worry, there’s a shortcut and a trick that will let you sidestep all that work and we will get into it in the next section.Instead of slogging through trying to come up with a success story for every possible behavioral questions there are 2 things you can do instead.


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