Critical Thinking Exercises For Kids

Critical Thinking Exercises For Kids-30
I hope you enjoy some of these preschool critical thinking activities with your little one just like I have. I just keep telling myself that one day they’ll pay off.

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Getting my kids to work together in a group is one of the best preschool critical thinking activities that I know of.

Choose photos that have a story behind them and then ask your child, “What happened in this picture and why?

” My little guy likes the photo of my sister when she spilled melted chocolate all over the kitchen. I’m sure you have some photos of your family that you can make fun of, too. Follow Us and get even more articles like these every week containing FREE tips on how to make your child better at Reading, Math, Science, Art, Music and 21st century skills...

Challenge your child to find things that are similar and different at the same time like a fork and a spoon.

Both are utensils but one is for eating salad and one is for digging in the backyard when Mom’s not looking (or something like that).


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