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When examined carefully, the Book of Mormon is found to have intricate subplots and peculiar cultural twists. Believers will learn that Joseph Smith is more than an icon, and non-believers will find that Mormonism cannot be summed up with a simple label.Bushman discusses the book's ambivalence toward republican government, explores the culture of the Lamanites (the enemies of the favored people), and traces the book's fascination with records, translation, and history. But wherever readers stand on Bushman's arguments, he provides us with a provocative and open look at a believing historian studying his own faith. candidate in American history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.Is there something in President Nelson's first message you missed? The highly anticipated Evermore theme park opened this past Saturday in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

These beautiful images of the Houston Texas Temple were all taken on one glorious morning.

I have also excerpted quotes from President Nelson's first press conference as the new prophet.

Here are quotes and invitations from all 17 Presidents of the Church in this Dispensation, inviting us to come to the House of the Lord.

I have gathered some lesser-known quotes to lift and brighten your day.

Entangled in nineteenth-century Yankee culture -- including the skeptical Enlightenment -- Smith was nevertheless an original who cut his own path.

And while there are multiple contexts from which to draw an understanding of Joseph Smith (including magic, seekers, the Second Great Awakening, communitarianism, restorationism, and more), Bushman suggests that Smith stood at the cusp of modernity and presented the possibility of belief in a time of growing skepticism.

Come join is in beautiful photographs and meeting amazing people in this signature photo essay.

There are only two places in Rome where you can see the depiction of the 12 Apostles in statue form--and one of those places is about to be dedicated.

We can scarcely imagine the shock and sorrow of that fateful Thursday afternoon, June 27, 1844 (175 years ago today) when Joseph and Hyrum were killed by a ruthless mob.

I have gathered some of my photographs and some of the accounts of those who were there or were in Nauvoo to try to piece those feelings together on this day of commemoration. Most will not have the opportunity to go to the Holy Land where the Savior wrought the Atonement. Seven of the senior leadership of the Church gathered to be with the youth of the new Rome Italy Temple district. Russell Ballard spoke to the youth and gave them wise counsel.


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