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Find actual topics about behavioral health, patient management, medical data analysis, children's healthcare, prevention of obesity, diabetes, emergency planning and many others in our a fundamental academic paper based on facts, experiments, and lots of practical work to improve professional skills of nursing student.Both culminate in a final document that’s publication-ready and demonstrates academic rigor.

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However, the reduced time frame doesn’t mean the capstone is less rigorous; it’s a different type of project, a different undertaking, but it will be as demanding as a dissertation.

: The opioid epidemic in rural New Hampshire requires immediate intervention.

get my project done If you started trembling after reading the list for your BSN nursing capstone project ideas - just try to google any of these topics and see that it may be more interesting than any of the standard topics offered by your professor.

Writing any MSN nursing capstone project is a pleasure, and the hardest thing is – as always - to start. Many students have some difficulties with the creating of scientific or research paper papers and perhaps have not engaged in this before.

The other goal in capstone paper is to affect the reader's and professor's opinion, so you have to be extremely particular when choosing a topic.

Thus, it’s vital to determine capstone project ideas precisely and pick the topic relevant to your previous experience and future career. It allows determining the theoretical competence and the direction of the career after graduation.

: Clinic staff members were educated on the use of naloxone pre-and post-resuscitation protocols.

An SPSS (version 24) statistical program was used to evaluate changes in clinic staff knowledge pre-and post-education on the care of the opioid overdosed patient.: Pre- and post-testing of knowledge of clinic staff demonstrated an increase of knowledge from an average pre-testing score of 72% to post-testing of 100% in the thirty-four of the thirty-five participants (with one participant scoring 81%).

Treatment for overdoses of opioids with naloxone (an opioid antagonist) must be quickly administered to prevent a death in the opioid overdosed patient.

Two rural New Hampshire clinics did not stock naloxone in their code carts, nor did they have a clinical protocol guiding pre- and post-resuscitation in the case of overdose.: This DNP project introduced naloxone into each clinic code cart as well as providing nurses, nurse practitioners and physicians education on administering naloxone intra nasal atomizer along with a clinical protocol for pre-and post-resuscitation to prevent death from an opioid overdose.


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