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We flock to our living rooms in the evenings to get entertained by television programs.With a wide array of channels to choose from, the television ensures that everyone is catered for.

We flock to our living rooms in the evenings to get entertained by television programs.

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Television, too, has brought problems in economic and social life in the modern age in diverse ways.

Nevertheless, it constitutes a great step forward to achieve universal knowledge and understanding and to realize the harmony of the living world.

This is a tendency which may ultimately prove harmful to man’s social instinct.

Again, television, like cinema, has unfortunate effects on health, particularly on man’s eyesight.

Of course, there is also the wrong side of this gift of modern science, as of any other scientific invention.

Television encourages indirect isolation and idleness. It may lead a family to remain aloof from the living hum of the World outside.

Secondly, it offers career opportunities for people.

Apart from people employed in the manufacturing, transportation and retail sectors of the television business, there are many professionals employed in the television channels, such as news anchors, cameramen, journalists and editors.

Looking for a house without a television set is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Due to its popularity, electronic companies are finding new ways to make the televisions look more elegant and have more functions.


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