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Other things, which, found in Africa during the Middle Stone Age, are that there is evidence of hearths and shelters and refined bone tools found at several sites in this era.

It is said that sometimes people transported raw materials through very great distances.3.

In contrast, modern human beings have smaller faces, which are nearly vertical. Archeological records report that one theory postulates that until about 40 kya, humans lived almost the same way as Neanderthals.

Thirdly, early hominins had big teeth, with thick enamel, large jaws and powerful jaw muscles, while in human beings, their jaws are relatively smaller and less powerful, and they have smaller teeth. Describe what the archaeological record tells us about the pattern of human behavior 100 kya and 30 kya. However, after that, human beings produced sophisticated tools, which became homogenous and proficient.

This is different because their counterparts used stone.

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Another observation is also that tools begin to be made in a different manner than was the case before. A more recent theory postulates that the change in behavior in 40 kya did not happen suddenly, but that there was archeological evidence in Africa of modern human behavior at earlier times.The researchers point out that in Africa, refined stone tools are found at several Middle Stone Age sites; blades appear early in this period, refined bone, tools are found at several sites during this era and that there is some evidence of artwork during this period in Africa.Secondly, early hominins had large faces that were proportional to the size of their brain cases.When viewed from the side, hominins faces were concave and projecting forward at the bottom.Describe the main differences between the tools of Upper Paleolithic people and their predecessors.The tools of the Upper Paleolithic people were very different from those of their earlier counterparts. In some instances, when people died, they face was painted before they were buried, and other such rituals.The construction of water vessels was for long distance crossings in large water bodies, which allowed the colonization of the continent of Sahul.Clearly, nobody seeking to understand human origins, any more than any other student of the history of life, can ignore our debt to these two men.As a result, in this bicentennial year when Darwin’s influence in every field of biology is being celebrated, it seems reasonable to look back at his relationship to paleoanthropology, a field that was beginning to take form out of a more generalized antiquarian interest just as Darwin was publishing in 1859. Charles Darwin was curiously unforthcoming on the subject of human evolution as viewed through the fossil record, to the point of being virtually silent.


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