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1)Introduction to sex trafficking in Somali 2)Causes of Sex trafficking a.

Political corruption -Weak legal system -Profitability of business -Development of infrastructure b.

The common levels are commercial (in situations where women immigrants in working in organizations faces traffic instances) and as well institutional level (trafficking involving young Somali immigrant girls in educational institutions).

In US, sex trafficking among Somali immigrants is a clear form of modern slavery.

Globalization, on the other hand, is transforming the world into ‘a global village’ where participants are easily engaging in different activities such as trade.

On the other hand, increased global cooperation is contributing to the increased number of immigrants in different nations.Sex traffickers in the modern US society are making huge amounts of money from the trafficking process leaving innocent Somali girls and women vulnerable to sexual exploitation.Globally, sex trafficking is common in that it has many similarities with gang activities.Additionally, resulting from the increased cases of sex trafficking among Somali women immigrants, there is a rise in crime networks globally.Crime networks involved are part of the main perpetrators of human trafficking since they recruit young girls and women in the US society.The US government lays an emphasis of promoting equality between the immigrants and as well its citizens.Equality between the two parties is important while the government is enhancing good and positive interrelations with other nations.However, despite the government effort of ensuring equality between the immigrants and the local citizens, there are high cases of sex trafficking among Somali immigrants in the nations.Sex trafficking is an inhuman trade act that mostly faces young girls and women in US.Therefore, it is important understanding the historical factors in Somali’s society contributing to the acceleration of sex trafficking in US (Gardner pg. The historic Arab slave trade has also been a thorn in the flesh of Somali’s.This is because the Arab slave trade paved a way for the sex trade that is going on in the country.


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