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As India prepared to commemorate its 72nd Independence Day last month, the southern state of Kerala saw little reason to celebrate.The monsoon rainfall this year was heavier than normal and had reached alarming levels.Hurricanes are huge storms that form over ocean waters.

They are larger than life and have so much power and fury.

They are known to destroy towns, cities and way of living for millions of people.

Others wonder why God allows such things to happen.

Natural disasters are known to create plenty of panic, fear and worry.

As technology has helped us learn more about how these catastrophes occur along with providing advanced warning in some cases, why is the level of complexity so high in understanding these types of disasters?

There are true believers of God that feel He has created such phenomenon for a reason most of us do not understand.Tornadoes are powerful winds that circulate in the air and touch the ground.They are so powerful they toss vehicles like toys and tear rooftops off homes.When the Periyar floods, the airport’s drainage system, which discharges into the Chengalthodu Creek, is compromised, and there is a reverse flow of water along the creek and drainage channels into the airport.In addition, an elevation analysis shows that the airport and the river are almost on the same level, and areas to the north are at a higher elevation.Natural disasters are unique acts of God researchers find fascinating and mystifying at the same time.Tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes and hurricanes are just a few of nature’s elements known to destroy the way people live.On an average, districts received 30 percent excess rainfall, with some districts recording between 70 to 90 percent excess.In agricultural India, an abundant monsoon is a blessing.While more money is invested for prevention and education, more continues to be lost as each disaster occurs.For those who have been fortunate enough to live and tell their tale of personal experience, they offer more insight even researchers find hard to comprehend.


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