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The essay would thus score highly in the IELTS test.Essay on A Visit To A Historical Place – I had been dreaming of visiting a place of historical interest.At first, we went to see the historical ‘Fort of Lalbagh’. Azam Shah, Subedar of Bengal and third son of Emperor Aurangazeb built this port in 1678 and named it ‘Kila Aurangabad’ but later it became commonly known as “Lalbagh Fort”.

This is an example of an essay on museums and historical places.

It is a causes (or 'reasons') and solutions essay as you have to explain why local people visit these places less than tourists, and then present ways to encourage more local people to visit.

Essay on Museums and Historical Places - Model Answer Although most places have sites of historical interest and a variety of museums to visit, it is predominantly tourists who come to see them, not local people.

This essay will examine the reasons for this before suggesting some possible methods of attracting local people.

The conclusion then summarises the main arguments that have been presented.

The essay is thus well-organised and supported, and has a good range of grammar and vocabulary, with high levels of accuracy.The main factor is the different motivations of tourists and local people.For a tourist, the aim when visiting another country, city or region, is to learn about that new place and possibly to understand its culture and history.For example, they could hold cultural festivals or galas for the community to celebrate a unique aspect of that particular place.Another possibility is to have special promotions, such as a reduced price or free tickets provided in local newspapers and magazines.It is common for IELTS candidates to only discuss one aspect, either causes or solutions, but not both.You should always read the question carefully to make sure that you know exactly what you are being asked to do.This fort is about 2000 feet from east to west and 800 feet from north to south.The gorgeous three storied main gate is on the southern wall and adorned with Mughal architecture.I learned many things from books about the beauty of ‘Lalbagh Fort’ in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.I got the opportunity when our school was closed for Ramzan vacation.


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