Essay On The Objective Of Plastic Art In Our Time

Promoting the painting of a contemporary society, which was quickly modernizing itself, artists, during this movement introduced an original subject matter of the everyday leaving behind the grandeur of historical paintings.

Owing much to the experimental spirit of the Impressionism artist, the major Avant guard movements we will be discussing today, did a bit more, as they helped to revolutionize not just the medium of painting but other art disciplines, such as music, film, and theater.

Blurring the division between the written and the spontaneous, avant garde jazz was imbued with formal complexity and emotional directness.

Still, avant garde jazz was distinguished from other avant gardes by its claims to art, not by a rejection of it.

Various artists experimented with this powerful form, including László Moholy-Nagy, who is now considered a father of avant garde photography, August Sander and Albert Renger-Patzsch.

The avant garde photography in France, whose capital served as the unquestioned center of the international avant garde, was rooted in Surrealism that advocated the social transformation by rejecting bourgeois values and conventions.

It was as a term in the military, to describe a small troop of highly skilled soldiers who went ahead of the rest of the army to explore the terrain and warn of possible danger.

With this in mind, the avant garde artists can be described as a group of people who develop fresh and often very surprising ideas in visual art, literature and culture at large.

Standing at a front line of challenging the way art was made and thought about, stands a deeper desire for a revolution, for a shift in the perception of the world and the art’s role within different societies as either a tool for propaganda and politics, or as a medium helping to re-define some of the traditional ways of viewing a subject matter, or the space understood as a place of art.

The first soldiers (“vanguard” or “fore-guard”) either die first or receive some of the most prestigious acknowledgments.


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