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When anxiety and fears begin to suppress the person and influence his daily life, he may experience so-called anxiety disorders.

Anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, fear of losing a job, specific fears, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and general anxiety, usually begin to appear after the age of 15-20 years (Dunkley, 2013).

If our life did not have stressful elements of competition, risk, willingness to work as hard as we can, life would be much more boring.

Sometimes stress acts as a motivation that is needed in order to feel the fullness of emotions, even if it is about survival.

Stress and anxiety can lead to panic attacks, which are characterized by pain or discomfort in the chest, heart palpitations, shortness, shallow breathing, feeling short of breath, choking, chills or sudden onset of fever, shivering, nausea, abdominal pain, numbness, or tingling in the extremities (Weston, 2013).

Body’s response to stress Human behavior in situations of stress differs from affective behavior.External behavior does not differ from the norm, as if everything is getting better, but there is an internal overrun of adaptive reserves.If the stressful situation persists, there comes the third stage – exhaustion, which can lead to a significant deterioration of state of health, various diseases and, in some cases, death (Fagundes & Kiecolt-Glaser 2013).If the stressful situation depends on us, we need to focus on how to change it.If the situation does not depend on us, it is necessary to accept and change our perception, our attitude to this situation.Causes of stress There are external and internal causes of stress.External causes of stress and anxiety are moving to a new location, change of job, death of a loved one, divorce, everyday troubles associated with money problems, fulfillment of obligations by a certain date, disputes, family relationships, not enough sleep or bad quality of sleep.Every person meets such moments in life when he is under stress or anxiety.In fact, the state of anxiety helps a person cope with external threats, forcing the brain to work intensively and giving the body a state of readiness for action.Psychological stress, in turn, can be divided into informational and emotional.Informational stress may develop when a person is unable to cope with the problem, has no time to make the right decision at the required rate with a high degree of responsibility, ie, when there is an information overload.


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