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It is also important for a research study to show how results obtained can be transferred to other settings to reveal how they correlate with other forms of knowledge (Cornelissen & Thorpe 2004, p. A researcher needs to understand that every study undertaken seeks to find out new knowledge and how it can be applied in different academic and business contexts.Many researchers move from the known to the unknown concepts in their quest to uncover new information regarding a particular phenomenon (Cornelissen & Thorpe 2004, p. This allows them to use a study process that connects data collection, methodologies and theoretical applications of the knowledge they obtain.Therefore, generalizations equip researchers with important skills which they use to find out more about different paradigms of existing research knowledge.In effect, they are able to understand specific problems they seek to solve through their studies.Consequently, they are able to identify gaps between theory and practice and how they impact on the way business research knowledge is applied.In some instances, researchers may need to use existing bodies of knowledge to come up with hypothesis regarding different phenomena they are studying.This allows them to understand the main arguments that justify their studies and specific qualities of phenomena they are studying.This increases the credibility of a research study in the eyes of different people who are directly affected by its findings.In modern management research, validity ensures that a researcher vets the quality of his work before he shares his findings with other people (Riege 2003, p. This approach enables a researcher to use accurate empirical tests to find out more about the sources of his information and how they impact on the quality of information he obtains.This ensures all conclusions reached by his study are backed up by relevant data and statistics.It is important for the data gathered and conclusions reached to correlate to bring about the desired conclusions in a particular study to make its findings more relevant to its users.


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