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Gandalf brought frotos friend, Sam Wise, who went with him on the journey.Five paragraphs in the body of this essay—one for each of the senses—provide a clear organization pattern that is easy for the reader to understand.The only way to understand friendship is through experience. It is the way they touch, a touch as light as a leaf floating in the autumn air, a touch so strong that years of living could not pull them apart.

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It is instantly understood and speaks volumes beyond the point of contact, to the heart. It tastes like homemade bread, the ingredients all measured and planned, then carefully mixed and kneaded, then the quiet waiting as the dough rises.

Hot from the oven, the bread tastes more than the sum of its ingredients.

There is something else there, perhaps the thoughts of the baker as her hands knead the dough, or her patience as she waits for the dough to rise.

Unseen and unmeasured, this is the ingredient that makes the difference.

Note that each of the five paragraphs begins with a sentence that repeats the same, simple pattern.

This repetition of a sentence pattern provides unity.Those people are really lucky who are surrounded by best friends. We take part in speech contests, debates, tabloids, singing and dancing competitions, and sports events. He has received many prizes and medals in this regard In every summer vacation, our families always plan for a weekly tour. In these family trips, it is always a great pleasure for me to be with Nikki all around.In fact, our families know about our true attachment as sincere friends and always praise us for that.A true friend is also someone who loves and respects us.A boyfriend and a girlfriend desire to be with each other. An example of this true friendship can be found in the movie, American Pie. One of the most important details in a friendship is to never leave or forsake the other.Friends can tell harsh truths when they must be told.There are four different types of friends: True friends, Convenient friends, Special interest friends, and historical friends. In times of crisis and depression, a friend is there to calm us and to help lift up our spirits.They love each other so much that they just want to be with each other as much as possible. They don’t make fun of each other, but treat each other with respect. Todd had a championship football game, but on the same day there was an All-State choir going on. He couldn’t be in two places at once, so he gave up his football game so that he could be with his girlfriend. A friend is also loyal, for example in the movie Lord of the Rings, Froto and Sam Wise had a wonderful fellowship. Also in the movie, gandalf sent froto on a mission.This bond is also present in a good friendship because it has genuine love. Everyone on the football game looked up to him because he made a sacrifice to be with his girlfriend. Froto was scared and he didn’t want to go on the journey by himself.It’s a touch that reassures that someone is there, someone who cares.The touch communicates more than words or gestures.


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