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It also goes onto say that gangs provide a sense of safety not just belonging.

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Once students learn, grow, and find their inner selves the urge to fit into a clique becomes abolished because they don’t feel the need to conform anymore as a ways of progressing in life, better yet goals are made and youths go on to bigger and better things in life like university or college.

This is why when a child leaves high school, in most cases the child will abolish its attachments to a clique or social group. because sooner or later they find out that life moves on with or without a clique and therefore they accustom to those changes by finding and forming their individuality.

Although these potential factors are only the tip of the iceberg, its a good start in trying to understand how these gangs and cliques operate, shape, and appear in society. Now every con has its pro - so even though cliques are sometimes seen and deemed by society as harmful and deviant, it may not seem the same in the eyes of the youth subjected and exposed to such cliques.

Sometimes cliques can provide a family for someone who otherwise may not have family or are restricted to such love and compassion the maturity level of many of its students.

Once a child graduates from high school he or she will no longer see those same friends five days a week.

This becomes enough of a reason to cut ties with the group and move on to the next set-stage in life.So lets outline some basic influential factors: the availability of drugs and alcohol (the urge to try something new) , mutual social and economic status (the urge to belong), race and gender (the urge to be accustomed), psychic apparatus such as ego and super ego (the urge to feel ideal and seek / obtain pleasure), and the superficial feelings gangs and cliques provide (the gaining of superficial confidence).There are many things that can cause and influence kids to join and conform a clique or gang.Personally I can relate to this because when I was in high school I had more then just one clique I connected with, as a matter of fact i associated myself with so many people that I was deemed the most popular person in our grade for our final yearbook before graduation.But after graduating my ties with all these people got cut instantly for the fact that I no longer saw my friends everyday for five days a week, i learned that detachment occurs naturally because people learn to move on and focus on bigger things in life.We as parents may even feel intimidated by our own children.Can you just imagine how intimidated the children must feel when approached by a gang member?We as parents need to speak with our children and actually listen.The teens of today’s generation seem to b more aggressive and persuasive than ever before.This leads to the formation of social groups, cliques, and in some cases gangs.Cliques can range from a group of acquaintances and friends to extreme gang like groups which provide unhealthy lifestyles.


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