Essays On Conflict Resolution In Schools

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Those with less education usually have less income and also have more difficulty understanding their own predicament.

Thus, these people are more vulnerable in both social and economic terms, and often become dependent on the powerful in society for supplying many of their basic needs.

However, public schools in developing countries are facing difficult times, thus they need conflict resolution skills to deal with their problems.

Silvana Gallina, president of the Espirito Santo State Reforming School System, reports that the large majority of youth taken to reform schools in Brazil are fathers and breadwinners, despite an average age of only 13 years old.

The great majority of these youths have committed crimes related to drug trafficking.

In fact, drug trafficking is one big impediment to primary education, since children in school are not available to help the drug trade.

Many poor people sell their electoral votes in exchange for needed goods: dentures, medicines, or any other material needs.

Since education could free people from this relationship, the powerful elite see education as something to be avoided, not promoted.

Local perceptions of right and wrong, for example, must be acknowledged.

The concept of "empowerment," as advanced by the Brazilian academic Paulo Freire, is very important in developing countries.


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