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Being mean included yelling at me because they wanted their back packs urgently although I had to go over at least three hundred bags while searching for the one they needed.

It made me realize how fortunate I am to be able to have a place to stay.

The boys would come get lunch then go back to school and they would return for dinner and a place to sleep.

We were shown where we would sleep, and it was on the floor; fortunately we had carried sleeping bags.

In addition to staying at the homeless shelter, we also took part in chores, which reminded me of the mission high school I went to where doing chores was a requirement. This was my first direct interaction with the homeless.

Honestly, I did not want to have any but people felt offended when I refused to take their offers, so I ended up taking everything I was given.

Some of the homeless people would come back to ask if I had eaten what they had given me.The class seeks to give students an opportunity to learn more about homelessness thorough working with several organizations which help homeless people.To my surprise, during my second week of class, I had to go stay at a homeless shelter for four days.On the first day, I was responsible for the housekeeping which included doing the job I detest the most. My job was to collect and pack bags and put them onto shelves.Also, I had to check the homeless people's personal belongings for dangerous objects like knives and anything which could be used to harm other people.I do not blame anyone who thought I was homeless because my big afro hair seemed to be sending that message to the world.Upon surveying the place, I saw several people watching TV, some were sleeping while seated on chairs, and most of the people seemed extremely bored.The homeless community was very diverse but most of the residents were African Americans.When I looked at some people, the way they presented themselves made me feel sorry for them because they looked as folks who were fit to be business people with six figure pay checks.I vividly remember walking in downtown Indianapolis and meeting a homeless person holding a card with "I can write a computer program in exchange for food" written on it.As a computer science major this quickly caught my attention as I wondered how a person who could program was homeless and alone in America; a country I always referred to as the land of opportunities.


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