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Thelma responds that the likelihood is that Jessie will only shoot off her ear and turn herself into a vegetable.

This is an important exchange because it sets the story course of exploring the emotional course of bother Jessie's life and her life with her mother. Middle Jessie: "And I can't do anything about my life to change it, make it better but I can stop it." This brilliant piece of dialogue, spare, evocative and tightly written cuts through to the heart for Jessie's motive for wanting to die.

Introduction The play 'Night Mother by Marsha Norman is the story of a daughter reassessing her life's direction.

Faced with the perception that her life no longer has a meaningful purpose, this young woman has come to a critical moment of decision.

This is a story that compels admiration and Norman deserves praise for her great piece of work and for excelling in the art of storytelling.

The fact that the daughter commits suicide at the end is only an incident that happens at the end of the play.

For probably the first time ever in their relationship, Thelma speaks the truth to Jessie.

This causes Jessie to dig deeper for the truth and ask her mother whether or not she ever truly loved her father.

Jenny Spencer has addresses this, and has concluded that men may have trouble relating to the characters and the theme of the play. This young woman, Jessie is the daughter of Thelma, and these are the only two characters that are in the play.

This happens to be the case with Stanley Kauffman in his review of the movie, which was made on an adaptation by Marsha Norman of the play. There are other characters in the story such as Jessie?


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