Example Of Gantt Chart For Business Plan

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On the left side, we have the different tasks, arranged according to their respective development stage.The time axis is split according to months and quarters.When creating a strategic business plan, or when undertaking a new project, a Gantt Chart is always present.

We have listed below some of the easiest and most cost-efficient applications: One of the most common ways of creating a Gantt Chart is MS Excel.

There are plenty of tutorials online that can teach you.

You would be very lucky, and probably the first manager ever if your team meets all deadlines and completes all tasks on time.

And even if that does happen, the scope of the project can always shift and the task list will require being redesigned.

Each task has its respective horizontal bar which represents the duration of each activity/task.

The edges of the horizontal bar indicate the time or date in which the task needs to begin and end.

If a task was supposed to finish last week but it is only 60% done, this is already a red alert for management and you know that some kind of action must be taken soon.workflows since it requires almost no training or experience to understand and analyze a Gantt chart.

However, when the workflow is more complex (i.e: more tasks are interrelated), the benefits of a visual representation are lost.

For example, the first block of tasks can be related to Analysis and the second block can deal with Design.

Usually, the different blocks are color-coded, meaning that tasks within the same block have the same color (and are usually found adjacent to each other).


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