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The key advantages of doing this include increasing your speed at planning essays and mentally preparing for a broader range of themes than you otherwise would by writing a limited number of complete essays.

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Could you bring further insight to this topic with knowledge of taxation systems in other countries?

The best Gamsat essays present astute insight as well as strong unique examples to illustrate the points you are making.

#3 Examples The biggest mistake people make when it comes to Gamsat essay planning is that they come up with a general concept of what they will write about, but they don’t identify any solid examples that will serve as supporting evidence for the claims they are making (applicable if writing an argumentative essay).

It is not enough to have a theoretical discussion or rest on your opinions, you need relevant real-world examples to prove your points and to add rich insight to your writing.

At the Gamsat essay planning stage, take an extra minute or two to ponder the theme and/or a specific quote or two and ask yourself “What else is relevant here?

” Cast your thoughts across different cultures/settings/organisations/industries, etc. #5 Practice Gamsat Essay Planning A fastidious use of your time in preparing for section 2 of the Gamsat is to write practice essay plans rather than just writing complete essays.

#2 Develop a Strong Thesis Statement or Main Message All pieces of writing must have a clear purpose, a key message that you are presenting to the reader that forms the ‘spine’ of your Gamsat essay.

Articulate this in your introduction and stick with it throughout your essay, linking back to it in your conclusion.

Perhaps you don’t want to get caught up in an overly rigid structure at all, and you just want to “respond” – that’s fine. All too often people go with the first idea that springs to mind, failing to deliver a rich, insightful analysis of the theme or they will present a predictable rather than unique discussion on the topic.

Consider your options and decide on a writing format that fits with your natural writing style and works best for you on exam day. Take for example the following quote: “As one grows older, the world becomes colder.” Start by asking yourself “How is the world cold for older people?


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