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This would permit the word "egachee" to be interpreted as Êgises, in the sense of a protective influence, a plural which Washington spelled by its sound to him.An old spelling of Êgis is egis.] Letter from George Washington to Robert Orme, July 28, 1755 [Transcription] Fellow Citizens of the Senate and of the House of Representatives: When we call to mind the gracious indulgence of Heaven, by which the American People became a nation; when we survey the general prosperity of our country, and look forward to the riches, power, and happiness, to which it seems destined; with the deepest regret do I announce to you, that during your recess, some of the citizens of the United States have been found capable of an insurrection.

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A named leader involved in one of the crises during the rise of the superpowers.

(Option) A named leader in the movement for European unity between 1945-1992.

Main Page: Junior Cert (Higher Level) People in History questions are worth 20 marks each. You must pick one question from each of the two parts (A and B). The Plantations: A settler who received land in a named plantation.

Part A is history before 1600, Part B is history after it.

A person living in Northern or Southern Ireland during the war years, 1939-45.

A named political leader in the Republic of Ireland, 1960-85.Sample People in History questions are featured on each topic's page, or see the list below. Ancient Ireland: A person living in an ancient civilisation in Ireland. Ancient Rome: A person living in an ancient civilisation outside of Ireland. A factory/mine worker during the Industrial Revolution.The Middle Ages: The lord or lady of a medieval castle. A factory/mine owner during the Industrial Revolution. Political Developments in 20th Century Ireland A unionist living in Ulster around 1912-14.Historians have noted that George Washington's writing abilities improved during the course of his life.Washington's formal education was relatively limited, but his talents in the language arts increased with practice, and in tandem with his ascent into the upper strata of British, then American society. that was given of our late unhappy Engagem't; but all tend'd, greatly to the disadvantage of the poor deceas'd Genl., who is censur'd on all hands.It is due, however, to the character of our government, and to its stability, which cannot be shaken by the enemies of order, freely to unfold the course of this event.Letter from George Washington to Congress, November 19, 1794 [Transcription] Washington's improved abilities as a writer were not lost on him, for after the Revolution, he reviewed and corrected mistakes in much of his correspondence from the years 1754 through 1758. S.: If an Exchange of Prisoners taken on each Side, in this unnatural Contest, is agreeable to General Howe, he will please to Signify as much, to his Most Obedient.(67) [Note 67: Congress by a resolve (December 2) had directed Washington to obtain the exchange of Allen.It cannot be used as a source as it is not referenced – but it might provide some useful information that you can check against other sources.Were the police to blame for not capturing Jack the Ripper Books Jack the Ripper Jack the Ripper: Case Closed Jack the Ripper Encyclopedia The Legend Continues Return to top Hillsborough Disaster Soccer and Disaster BBC This is my Hillsborough Hillsborough Justice Campaign From a section within the above site – The Media Reaction The Cages of Death Return to top Operation Market Garden Arnhem 1944 A Bridge Too Far Montgomery Operation Market Garden All American WW2 Airborne Three V One Return to top November Uprising 1830 The Lands of Partition November Uprising Return to top Chinese Famine Famine: a short history Transforming China Famine in China Return to top Cuban Revolution Inside the Cuban Revolution The Cuban Revolution: years of promise Response to revolution: the United States and the Cuban revolution Return to top Katyn Massacre Katyn and the Soviet massacre of 1940 Katyn: a crime without punishment Thesis Return to top Sergio Leone Italian cinema: from neorealism to the present Return to top Solidarnosc Trade Union A couple of possible sources for a research project related to Solidarnosc and the strikes in the Gdansk shipyards – Political Trials in Poland 1981-1986 The Dilemmas of Dissidence in Eastern Europe Some individuals involved with Solidarnosc that would be worth considering for a biography Jerzy Popiełuszko Anna Walentynowicz HENRYKA KRZYWONOS-STRYCHARSKA (click on her name for article) Return to top To What Extent Do the Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales Promote German Ethnic Nationalism? This short essay is highly recommended for those seeking insights into the nature of correspondence in the eighteenth century, as well as the logistical aspects of drafting, delivering, and preserving written communications during that period. Letter from Bartholomew Dandridge to James Mease, May 29,1794 [Transcription] guarantees wonderful examples of descriptive and persuasive writing, personal and professional letters, journals, and diary entries.Like present-day leaders, Washington sometimes resorted to having aides reply on his behalf. The President has directed me to assure you that his sincere wishes are offered for the useful effects of a work calculated to throw light on a subject so interesting; and to make his acknowledgements for your politeness in presenting it to him. The transcripts of the eighteenth century manuscripts provide lessons regarding the differences of formal and informal writing styles, as well as the conventions of grammar, usage, and literary discourse that were common at the time.


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