Georgetown University Application Essay

How do you believe your personal brand will strengthen the Mc Donough community?

As you complete your MBA program, how do you hope to see your personal brand evolve through the transformative experience of business school?

What was your failure (or when did you not succeed to your full potential), and how did you use this as motivation to move forward and be successful in a future situation?

If you are the kind of person who thrives in the face of adversity, this is the question for you to answer.

What tools did you use or develop to create success in a future situation?

If this question appeals to you it likely means you have the personality type that can turn a lemon into lemonade and thrives in the process. The program requires all students to participate in an international consulting project called the Global Business Experience, and Georgetown also has the Steers Global Real Estate Center and a new entrepreneurship initiative. setting of Georgetown University’s Mc Donough School of Business puts the school at the epicenter of public policy and international business.Essay Option Three: Your personal brand reflects your values and beliefs, and impacts your relationships and community.Describe the personal brand that you will bring to business school using examples or experiences that support how you’ve developed it.When her boss returned from leave she was in a position to ask for a promotion and more responsibility.You may have faced a similar situation, whether planned or impromptu, and discovered that you had leadership skills ready to hone through this stretch assignment.Describe a situation when you were asked to lead outside of your comfort zone.What leadership characteristics did you exemplify in this situation that allowed you to succeed?Many leadership experts believe that stretch assignments are the best way to develop high potential employees, and the definition of a stretch assignment is something outside your comfort zone that you need to learn and develop to achieve.As you reflect upon some of your best leadership moments you may find that you were outside your comfort zone.


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