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She recalls a time when Asher confused the words “snack” and “smack” at the Childcare Center, and received a smack with the discipline wand every time. [a]nd now his lapses are very few.” Jonas is relieved that Asher has received a wonderful Assignment and happy to see that his other classmates are pleased with their Assignments too.She laughs as she remembers that for a while, three-year-old Asher refused to talk at all, but that “he learned . But when Jonas’s turn comes, the Chief Elder skips over him, moving from Eighteen to Twenty without acknowledging him.Asher is easily disappointed and will probably find fault with his assignment Asher does not seem to have any serious interests Asher will fail at any Assignment he is given Asher has not completed enough volunteer hours to qualify for an Assignment skip question » Ask a friend [close] mark this question as incorrect - the question is incorrect.

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The job also requires the “Capacity to See Beyond.” Jonas does not believe he has this capacity, but then he looks out at the crowd and sees their faces change, the way the apple changed in midair. The Chief Elder thanks him for his childhood, and the crowd accepts him as the new Receiver by chanting his name louder and louder.

Jonas feels gratitude, pride, and fear at the same time.

The community has only one Receiver at a time, and the current one—a bearded man with pale eyes like Jonas’s, sitting with the Committee of Elders—is very old and needs to train a successor.

The Chief Elder explains that ten years ago, a new Receiver had been selected, but the selection had been a terrible failure.

Here are 11 good ones that will fit well with The Giver, but can also be used with any novel, play, or short story.

And if you really want to save time and reduce your workload, download this full unit plan for The Giver and enjoy stress-free teaching for weeks. Create a Quiz Students create a quiz for the novel, short story, or play being studied. When I saw the movie I asked myself what we have given up.The simple and clear message in the movie is what makes it interesting and good.Only flag questions that clearly need our attention.As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site.Jonas watches and listens as his classmates receive their Assignments.His friend Asher is assigned the position of Assistant Director of Recreation after the Chief Elder gives a long and humorous speech about Asher’s pleasant, fun-loving nature and the trouble he has had in using precise language.I saw so many simple things explained in such a profound way.Things such as friendship, family, love, emotions, humanity.After all this is a great movie that shows what humanity is all about. We see in this movie the good in people, but we also can see the cruelty that we are capable of.What emotions are, how we see the world because of them. To be completely honest, I saw a little resemblance with another movie.


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