Good Introduction Euthanasia Essay

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Why should a person be tortured with the, “frightening prospect of dying shackled to a modern-day Procrustean bed, surrounded by the latest forms of high technology,” according to Singer and Siegler this is an adamant fear of many fatally ill patients (Seyler 333).

Singer and Siegler make several good points in their essay, however, pain control seems to be the biggest issue facing the terminally ill as stated by the doctors. People who are faced with a terminal illness experience just as much emotional turmoil as physical pain.

When Singer and Siegler say, “physical pain can be relieved with the appropriate use of analgesic agents,” I am saddened because it has been my own personal experience to watch terminally ill patients become over medicated and drugged up so much that they are unable to think or act for themselves (Seyler 333).

When a person can longer speak, think or act for him or herself, that person has been stripped of their dignity.

I feel very strongly about this issue because I am affected by the matter on an almost everyday basis.

I am a patient care technician in an emergency room and also work on a cardiac unit in one of Michigan’s top 100 osteopathic hospitals.

I witnessed patients telling other members of the nursing staff how they had begged and pleaded with god to take their life due to the excruciating pain they were experiencing.

The nurse just replied, “Oh sweetie, you shouldn’t say things like that.” I had patients who were so mean and cruel to staff, it was unreal.

I graduated from high school and proceeded to go to college in order to accomplish my goal of becoming a registered nurse. Oncology is the study of tumors, but more specifically, it’s a term usually associated with some kind of cancer.

After graduation I moved into my own apartment and took a job at St. Therefore, for about a year and a half I had to take care of dying patients.


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