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The tradition of supernatural horror fiction runs deep in Anglo-American literature.From the Gothic novels of the eighteenth century to such contemporary authors as Stephen King and Anne Rice, writers have employed horror fiction to unearth many disquieting truths about the human condition, ranging from mistreatment of women and minorities to the ever-present dangers of modern city life.

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In , James Goho analyzes many significant writers and trends in American and British horror fiction.

Beginning with Charles Brockden Brown’s disturbing novels of terror and madness, Goho proceeds to discuss the influence of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher” on H. Lovecraft, who is treated in several penetrating essays.

Gothic aesthetic represents a dream to overcome human impediment and reach out for the divine.

This unique setting brings to mind the dark, desolate and mysterious happenings that took place during the medieval period.

It has features that haunt physically and psychologically.

These features are characterized by terror, mystery, supernatural ghosts, secrets and hereditary curses, castles, death, decay, and madness.In conclusion, Gothic fiction settings described above create Gothic knowledge.Gothic literature research papers are custom written on any of the great works of literature that focus on the macob and dark elements of life.Desolate and decayed scenery imply that a successful world existed.The world’s ambiguous nature and the supernatural powers that a mortal man does not understand are answered by Gothic fiction.The book concludes with a centuries-spanning essay on the witchcraft theme in the American Gothic tradition and a comprehensive essay on Fritz Leiber’s invention of the urban Gothic.In this wide-ranging study, James Goho examines the varied ways in which supernatural fiction can address the deepest moral, social, and political concerns of the human experience.This makes the Goths to dissociate from Gothic fiction settings, which are influential.These settings evoke an environment of terror and fear, but also show its deterioration.The first novel considered to be “Gothic” was Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto, which was first published in 1764.Gothic literature became especially popular in the early 19th century, beginning with the 1818 publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.


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