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Currently steps are being taken by the government to reduce the number of welfare recipients as well as to minimize spending on the program itself.The president recently introduced his “Workfare” plan.

Without law or law enforcement, criminals would roam the streets and wreak havoc.

Without a military, other countries would invade us violently.

The debate is simple enough, but the argument on welfare's benefits and drawbacks is not.

On the pro side of the argument, on which I stand, welfare aids poor families as well as the economy and may help to reduce crime.

Thus, government is a monstrous institution that preserves order in a potentially horrific manner.

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Government has a tendency to become monstrous in two ways.

One is that it needs to maintain order within the country, which often Therefore, citizens must come to the understanding that in order to prevent government from becoming too monstrous, it is the monstrous nature of the individual that must be sacrificed.

The more people sacrifice their own desires for the benefit of others, the more the positive effects of a necessarily monstrous government outweigh the negative effects.

It is also true that there exist a great number of people that abuse the welfare program.

These individuals may enroll in welfare without the intention of ever getting a job. These ideas, or facts, can be used as a valid argument for the dismantling, or at least minimizing, of the welfare program.


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