Greatest Accomplishment Essay

Greatest Accomplishment Essay-44
“I was delighted to bring on board such a lucrative client, and the client is now one of our biggest.

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This helps the interviewer make a more informed decision on you.

Also, interviewers ask this question to determine what you value in your career.

They’re looking for a self-believing performance which assures them you’re the best one for the job. To present your greatest achievement in a way that piques the interviewer’s interest, you need to consider what you value in the workplace, focus on ways your skills match the requirements and pick out facts and figures from what you achieved.

As such, interviewers are scanning for a confident delivery which demonstrates what you can bring to the table and why you fit the bill. Then there’s the small matter of getting comfortable with talking yourself up! When choosing your achievement, it’s important to consider which moments in your career you’re proudest of and what you value in these moments.

Interviewers also want to get a feel for your skills with this question.

Greatest Accomplishment Essay

They’re looking for an answer that explains the skills that helped you to reach the achievement, particularly if they’re similar to the skills in the job description.This is because it offers a structured approach to answering a question and is the perfect way to highlight your skills concisely.We also recommend focusing on the concrete facts and figures surrounding your achievement.That way, you can show the interviewer how well your values link with company culture.Your values and achievements could be anything from teamwork, internal progression or hitting targets, for instance.You also need to explain your achievements in relation to the skills needed for the role.After all, this indicates why you’re a great match and why they should hire you.“I used my communication skills to build a relationship with the director over time.He was unwilling to purchase our product at first, but after I met with him multiple times, formed a bond with him and conveyed the benefits of our product, he was happy to buy from us.You could even choose an achievement from your personal life which stresses your workplace values.By choosing an achievement which shows your values, you reveal how you measure success and demonstrate how passionate you are about your abilities.


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