History And Economics Oxford Personal Statement

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It is both a strength and a weakness of the UCAS system that one application covers all universities and so students should not be too concerned about differentiating between universities on their application.

A more important point is perhaps the differentiation between courses when a student is applying for say Accounting and Finance as well as Economics at the same time.

So what makes for the perfect personal statement in Economics?

The simple first answer to this question is genuineness and relevance.

In fact, many universities are more concerned with the aptitude of students for the Subject rather than their reasons for choosing particular universities.

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Essay - History And Economics Oxford Personal Statement

However, if a student wishes to mention the reasons for choosing particular institutions, it may be best to list a set of qualities which are common to his or her choices such as individual attention to student learning, good sports facilities, wide range of societies or good links to the financial services industry etc.When you start your first draft, a blank sheet of paper can be very daunting.It is often easier to discuss specific achievements and interests – most suitable for the main body of the personal statement – than to start off trying to explain your passion for Mathematics or Anglo Saxon literature.Very few A-level or IB students read Economics in more depth than their course textbooks and perhaps a few newspaper articles given to them by their teachers.They then proceed to list books, journals and magazines related to Economics which they claim to read regularly.At the very least, such a paragraph indicates that the candidate is aware of the central importance of Mathematics to economic analysis at the moment.Of course, most students apply to more than one university for Economics and may be wondering if any special provision needs to be made for this.This form of differentiation is more difficult but cannot be ignored.One paragraph clearly explaining a student’s understanding of the differences in content between the two courses as well as the similarities should suffice but this does make the rest of the personal statement more complicated.Moreover, to make their claims sound genuine, they embellish them with elaborate discussions and opinions on economic issues which often have no theoretical relevance at all. Students who have not read widely would be better advised to select one article, read it and comment on it intelligently.Otherwise, they should begin a programme of wider reading a year or more before writing their statement.


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