How To Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

How To Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills-35
When someone is speaking to us, we are often more focused on what we’re going to say in response than in carefully listening to everything they’re sharing.

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Becoming a critical thinker in highly charged situations needn't be wasted on Twitter flame wars; it’s extremely useful in making a sale to a difficult client, keeping an unhappy customer on board or even convincing your boss to use your idea for a new product line instead of theirs.Many articles have been written about common misconceptions about a whole range of subjects, so you should always take the time to verify any ‘facts’ you base your decisions or arguments on. Critical thinkers also consider an author’s agenda, anything from a political affiliation to a product to sell.The trick of researching is to find reliable information. Think about the last time you conversed with someone who asked you a lot of detailed questions and made you uncomfortable.You might want to keep a journal of these self-evaluations to help you spot patterns in your thinking and decision making.Most people evaluate issues or disagreements with the default view that they themselves are correct.The good news is you can begin right away, so read on to learn how to develop your critical thinking skills.The first step in developing your critical thinking skills is to set aside time to evaluate your daily choices and decisions.Taking arguments personally and feeling attacked by someone else’s opinion can cloud your judgement.Try to view their statements as an attempt to solve a problem or improve conditions, and not a strike against your self-worth.When facing a difficult decision, everyone has heard the advice to ‘sleep on it’. One of the main pillars of critical thinking is to remove emotion from the equation.If you’ve just had an argument with a colleague, you’ve been reprimanded by your boss for a mistake or even if you’ve just had an all-around bad day at work, it’s best to hold off on important decisions until you feel calmer and more rational.


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