Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge Essay

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meening too have prophocey and become two know and understand our future."All Invisible Things In The heavens are visible?

" imagination has become like god knowing and understanding the knowledge of all our knowledge good and bad? , A time not yet matter(matter is everything that takes up expance,creation) Time Travel,, Mind over Matter,, Reality or Possibilitie..

There is a limestone quarry in the heart of Provence...

a dark and cold cave with tall flat white walls, not far from the Medieval city of Les Baux. You seem to have missed the entire point of that example. Knowledge in itself is a work of art, and all of humanity has added a piece. Without Imagination would we have conceptualized things like geometry, mathematics, sciences? People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs (amongst others), imagined that one day there could be a computer in every home; a Personal Computer.

Imagination can from the deseption of the sly one Satan, Devil,old serpent, create nervous intoxication & a imballance in the human form to produce hell,u,cin,ation like nostradamus the Alchemists of the greeks and egypt,and many tribes of this world, see in the book of prophocey revelations 11; which really means hellucination or dream concerning your future!

it states thier is The two final witnesses of god still to come knowing as gods olive trees; they will be given power from god too prophesy!!

Upon the walls are the bright blue projections of the masterpieces of Cezanne. I could imagine that Personal Computers run on fried eggs and bacon, but that wouldn't work would it?

They pan across their rigid canvas like ghosts and sometimes catch you in their light. I can imagine food until I starve, but I need to know how to obtain food in order to actually eat don't I? You can only do through the use of knowledge, and remembering what the colour red is.

I can imagine otherwise, but if it cannot be proven to work, Imagination does not help, nor should it be needed.

Imagination allows us to improve on existing knowledge or or improvise solutions when knowledge is insufficient.


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