Influential Person Essay Dad

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Know thyself is the ancient Greek motto, and I respect my brother because he lives by it; consequently, I can always rely on his judgment.

I know that I can always rely on Jack for sound advice.

But they can’t be more wrong, as well as their wives. He can teach his kids so much, and, what is important, his children are eager to receive this knowledge and are always happy to listen to everything their father tells them.

And it is so important for each mother to encourage her husband to s start to take care of their children from the first days of their life.

In a similar situation with one of my friends his counselor at school passed the buck to his parents, and his parents over-reacted to the problem without understanding it. For example, he listened to my problem, asked me questions, and helped me to see the way to a solution. Sometimes he would let me stay up late to watch TV with him even though Mom never agreed.

I feel that I can always count on my brothers advice. Usually a good influence produces good results; likewise, a bad influence creates a bad seed. His habits and personality, in most cases, would shape a poor influence. I had a great life and my father wasnt a horrible father figure. My mom was saved after they got married so I was lucky to grow up with Godly principals.but in addition to being a good friend and lots of fun, my brother is an enjoyable and influential person to me because he participates in so many campus activities.For instance, he is the vice-president of Rotaract, a member of the college chorus, and an officer in Phi Kappa Phi, a college honor society.The desire of going into future seemed strange: what for, if I will get there in any case?The idea of going back was rather boring, as I have never been keen on history and the perspective of…for everyone, although in the past his role was often underestimated. I think that one of the main reasons for this lies in their wives. Moreover, fathers are often busy at work, seeing their not so eagerly, or don’t want to do it at all.He always has tickets for the ball games and concerts, and when I double date with him, he keeps everybody laughing at the things he says.He always seemsto know the right things to do and the right places to go.Also, my brother is a good person to know because he enjoys having fun.For example, he is ready to go skiing, swimming, fishing, or hunting at a moments notice.


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